Calgary  Pincade  Show     

                     Games that were at the 2013 show:

PINBALLS:                                                    ARCADES:

*Wizard of Oz LE                                      *Street Fighter 2 (x2)
*Ironman                                                *Hyperball
*Fishtales                                                *Centipede
*Williams Indiana Jones                            *Mortal Kombat (x3)
*Haunted House                                       *Killer Instinct
*Xenon                                                    *Tron
*8 Ball Deluxe                                          *Final Lap 3
*Whitewater (x2)                                     *Area 51
*Totem                                                   * Virtua Fighter
*Buck Hunter (x2)                                    *1942
*STtNG (x2)                                            * High Impact Football 
*Black Rose                                             * Donkey Kong Jr  
*No Good Gofers                                      * Sinistar
*Rocky and Bullwinkle                              * Asteriods (x2)
*Taxi                                                      * Neo Geo
*Comet                                                   * Super Off Road 
*Barracora                                              * Tetris (x2)
*Electra                                                  * Joust
*Future Spa (x2)                                     * Marvel vs Capcom
*Volcano                                                 * Double Dragon 
*Road Kings                                            * Johnny Nero
*Street Fighter 2                                     * TMNT 
*Starship Troopers                                  * Arcade Legends 2
*Junkyard                                               * 60-1 standup
*Terminator 2                                         * Space Duel
*Demolition Man                                      * 8-1 custom built
*Flintstones                                             * various cocktail cabinets
*Theatre of Magic                                    * various mame cabinets
*Creature From the Black Lagoon
*Fireball II
*World Cup Soccer (x2)
*Stern Indiana Jones
*Gilligans Island
*Viper Night Driving
*High Roller Casino

                                        SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!
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